Obedience is Pleasure

i go by bitch pet. i am a proudly owned slave. 27 years old - slowly transforming my body to represent my inner stripper slut. my Master, my Owner, my Mentor is experienceddominant.bdsmlr.com. i discovered my interest in bdsm at a very young age and it has been a part of my life ever since. i have explored so much in bdsm, but it was all done alone. i started self bondage at age 11 or 12 and have continued to dive deeper into my fetishes. only recently have i started connecting with fellow kinksters - so i still have so much to learn. i am always looking to learn, explore, and expand my mind. anyone wanting to contact me must send a note to my owner first. otherwise, i will not respond.

Take a strong, independent woman. One that is proud of her intelligence and education. She probably thinks she’s equal to you, or (LOL) superior to you. Break her down. Use her. Treat her like she’s the dumbest fucking bitch you’ve ever met. Make her write lines on a blackboard admitting what a stupid cunt she really is. Make her say it out loud as she writes. She’ll sob of course. You may even get tears. All the better.

Let the slut learn her place in the most basic, remedial manner because she’s not smart enough to do anything more complex.

I've done lines before. Lines are strangely hot. Having to write something that someone ordered you to do....and then following that order just because you want to obey....hot.

My pet Fuckdoll has an anal hook that she enjoys being bound in.   I have a feeling my other bitch in heat would like one as well.  Isn't that right Bitch Pet?

Yes Master, of course! I cannot wait to add a hook to my collection ;)

Slaves should never be jealous. They should never cause drama and they should always be willing to share. Your place is to make your Master happy, and if that means working with another slave, side by side, to see that outcome, then you are doing your duty. As long as a slave is never neglected and always given plentiful love and attention, there’s nothing that says it must be restricted to only two people. I know my owned pets Fuckdoll and Bitch Pet are happy to serve with another slave, they have to be.

Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become character.

Train the mind. Train the body.

Shape the body. Shape the mind.

In such ways is balance achieved.

In such ways are animals broken to their place in the Natural Order.

Good dog.

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i am one exhausted bitch pet.

my week was pretty fantastic. my weekend was so amazing it is almost beyond my own comprehension, if i am being honest.

now that i have been promoted to full time, i am working 40 hour weeks, as well as working at the other weekend job. in total, i think i worked close to 50 hours. its not a huge issue. i am just tired - i need just to adjust to the new hours and it will all be good.

on top of that, i spent quite a long time at the bdsm club. i had such an awesome time! i am going to post something more detailed about the experiences i have had there very very soon.

at the moment though, this body needs rest. it is not my body after all. Master owns this body. i am His property, His play thing, His toy to tease, fuck, and use. therefore, i must take care of this body and treasure this body.

thank you for owning me Master. i am a lucky whore in heat.

time to rest for now.

You should find peace and pride in your submission and be the best slave dog, cunt or whore you can be.

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